How to Play any YouTube Playlist with VLC Media Player?

An interesting way of enjoying your Youtube playlist is to play it along your favorite software, the VLC media player. Yes, you would surely enjoy the entire experience. For years now both VLC and Youtube have been hot favorites of most of you for various reasons. VLC supports all media formats while YouTube sends across all the latest movies. How about enjoying the latest videos, movies, songs etc. that YouTube offers without those endless advertisements? Here’s how to play any YouTube playlist with VLC media player.

stream-download-youtube-videos-using-vlcHow to play a Single YouTube URL?

 The VLC media player by default supports a single YouTube URL but if you wish to import an entire playlist, you can do so as well. For this purpose, you need to copy the YouTube URL first. Once you are done with that, open your VLC media player and press Ctrl+N. By doing so, a small window will open asking for the network URL. Paste the URL you copied from YouTube here. Once done, press the play button. There you go, enjoy your YouTube video without any interruption!

How to Play a YouTube Playlist?

You can also paste the URL containing your playlist from YouTube if you wish to play the entire YouTube Playlist. However, when you wish to play the entire playlist, first of all you need to save the file called “Playlists.Youtube”. You would get it from any video streaming software website. Once that is done, install and move the .lua file into existing playlist folder. Open the VLC media player once again and paste the URL for playlist in the network URL area and enjoy the Youtube Playlist on your VLC media player. Now isn’t that easy and fun?youtube-vlc


  1. The best part is you can carry out other tasks on your PC while playing this YouTube URL without any interruption in the speed.
  2. You can change the playback speed on YouTube and listen to your music on slow or fast mode.
  3. Oh yes! with YouTube you need to refresh it back to listen to that one song again and again. Now, you can loop your song and play it continuously. Isn’t that great!
  4. Besides, no advertisements to interrupt your movie/song watching experience. Now, that is the greatest benefit for you.
  5. Moreover, you can take a snapshot or probably record a part of the video.

1128978_0So, enjoy the experience of watching YouTube videos on VLC media player. The fun is unlimited and experience completely unbelievable!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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