How to play Temple Run efficiently?

Temple Run has become one of the most popular games among android and iOS users recently. Even though it is very interesting, yet sometimes crossing the levels can be really troublesome. However, the hurdles can be easily overcome by the help of some easy tricks. So here are some simple tips on how to play Temple Run efficiently.

temple-run-2Tips to play Temple Run:

  1. First of all, you are required to download Temple Run from the Apps store if it is not present on your device primarily. The complete version of the game is presently available for free.
  2. Then you need to open the downloaded app from the Main Menu and tap on the “play” button present in the middle of your device screen.
  3. Basically, your main aim in Temple Run is to grab the valuable idol by escaping through the chain of hurdles that come your way such as fire-breathing gargoyles, roots of trees as well as breaks outside the temple. Besides, “Evil Demon Monkeys” will keep following you throughout the game. So they will easily trap you if you try to rise several times.
  4. For rotating, you need to swipe your finger swiftly with an easy movement in your desired direction. However, if you try to turn slowly, then there are chances of you being thrown off the corner of the temple.
  5. Moreover, swiping rapidly in the upward direction will allow you take a small but speedy leap for overcoming hurdles such as fire, ropes, holes outside the temple, tree cords, etc.
  6. Tap your finger lightly in a rapid way in order to crawl under ropes, fire and trees.images
  7. For shifting your runner to a particular side of the screen, you need to tilt your device to the desired side. This action is very helpful for collecting coins or for dividing the surface of the temple to half.
  8. A helpful suggestion is to collect as much coins as you can. The collection of coins is displayed on the meter which is present on one side of the screen. This meter will be shown full when you have collected enough coins and after reaching that particular stage a bonus score will be awarded to you. However, it is advisable to bypass the coins and concentrate on dodging the hurdles once you have attained a considerable score.
  9. 9. After completing every game, a part of your total score will be credited to your “Store Credits”. These points can be used for purchasing wallpapers, upgrades, or some recent avatars as well. The store can be from the “Game Over” screen or from the Main Menu.
  10. If you are obsessed with increasing your score, then you can simply buy some power ups which can help you in getting you a high score. These power ups can be found hovering over the temple surface. You just need to hop a little to get them. However, if you are interested to obtain a specific power up, then it can be acquired by upgrading with more and more coins.

TempleRun2-2Hence, by following the above tips, you can master this amazing game and beat your friends’ scores easily. So check out this marvelous game and get addicted to the captivating world of Temple Run!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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