How to use an iPad for making phone calls?

Searching for a suitable approach how to use an iPad for making phone calls? Here are some convenient options. iPad-PhoneBasically, the iPad gives us an impression of a large sized iPhone since it contains almost all the features of an iPhone apart from making or receiving phone calls. Nevertheless, this facility can also be availed from an iPad by using some paid as well as free apps.

One such app is the Skype which helps you in making voice to as well as video calls to any of your contacts throughout the world who is using Skype.

Besides, Fring, Truephone, Viber, etc. are some other apps which allow you to make phone calls to other mobiles and land line numbers from your iPad by using 3G services or Wi-Fi.

Moreover, Line2 is another convenient alternative for making your iPad function like an iPhone. However, it charges a considerable monthly fee for rending a varied range of services. Line2 helps you in not only for making or receiving phone calls but also for sending text messages. Above all, this app always keeps running in the backdrop you do not miss any of your phone calls even when the app is not in use.

So, select any of the above mentioned app as per your convenience and enjoy the benefits of making unlimited calls anytime, to any number of people and at anywhere you want!

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