How to view Instagram DM on PC version of Chrome?

Instagram has become one of the most renowned social media platforms these days. Apart from DM, you can get most of its functions on the web version as well such as searching or following hashtags, viewing friends’ Instagram stories, and posting images.

However, you can’t send or check emails, which is quite a bit disadvantage for avid Instagram users. Some apps and Chrome extensions can help you as you can do this from your PC without having to open the app on your phone.

Process 1:

View Instagram DM on PC:

Nowadays, you can use various applications and tools to view Instagram messages on PC. The most popular one is IG: dm. By using it, you can see the message and reply. It is very similar to Facebook Messenger.

  1. Firstly, download and install the app, then log in with a username and password.
  2. After verification, refer to the message on the message pane.
  3. Click on anyone you wish and start chatting.

You can chat, but you can’t use GIFs, such as voice messages or replies. You can send standard text and exchange pictures and emoticons. Double tap to chat like a message. Search for messages in the search box. After upgrading, you can use logins in multiple accounts and quote chat messages, but it can sometimes be a bit slow.


Process 2:

View Instagram DM on Google Chrome:

In this case, you don’t require other settings, and can view messages easily. A simple extension is useful and can even act as an emulator. You can get the same DM experience as DM on the phone, but with a larger screen. The extension is useful. It is called Direct Message for Instagram. Once you add the extension, there is no need to log in separately. While logging in to the profile, the login credentials will be obtained from the browser. Click the DM icon, and then you can start chatting without any hassle. You can set Emoji, hearts, images. Besides, you can also create group chats and block or report any accounts you want. It even allows you to see all message requests and allow or deny any requests. You don’t need to view any ads or install any type of third-party tools to send emojis.

Any type of alternative:

In addition to these two tools, you can also find other tools on the market for this purpose. In this respect, they are very close to other tools and are also very popular, for example, Web for Instagram Plus DM. In this case, you don’t need any third-party plug-ins to send emojis, and you don’t need to see any ads between them. You can also see many messages or followers above the icons on the status bar.


Swasti Pujari
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