This Beautiful Video Shows That Even Street Dogs Expect A Special Someone To Take Care Of Them

There is no denying the fact that dogs are humans’ best friends. May it be pet dogs or street dogs of any breed, once they get attached to you emotionally, you won’t find anyone as faithful as them. Remember that your dog may not be everything to you; but to your dog, you are their entire world.

At some point or the other, your heart must have ached seeing the gloomy faces of the poor street dogs. We all know how hard a life these stray dogs lead, specifically in India, where people don’t leave any chance of bullying these innocent creatures. So we should always keep in mind that, if ever we are looking to adopt a dog, we can always think of being a parent to one of these stray dogs first.

Watch this heart-touching video by Dogs Trust that shows the life of such a sweet innocent dog who is in the hope of finding a best friend and a rescuer in a human being.

[responsive_youtube IrJhlVODG3w]

‘Cos hundreds of them are waiting for their special someone 🙂 

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