This New Range Of Barbie Is Giving The Right Message To Young Girls


Whenever we hear the term ‘Barbie’, our mind presents us the picture of a perfectly fit slim figured girl, having fair skin and light-colored beautiful hair. The barbies came in different attire as per their profession, like doctors, nurses, teachers, princess or mermaid, but everyone of them had perfect features and body shapes.

In this new ear, where girls are always under the pressure to possess a perfectly slim body, fair skin and lustrous straight hair, Barbie‘s brand new range tells us that beauty of women lies in their diversity. It’s giving the right message to girls that every woman is beautiful and perfect in her imperfections. May it be thin or curvy, fair or dark skinned, tall or short, have curvy or straight hair, every single woman is beautiful in her own way.

Hence, the team has come up with this new collection of barbies having different sizes and shapes so that people can imagine and believe in the fact that beauty comes in different forms.

Kudos to the team for such an inspirational idea!

You can have a look at their new collection on their official website here.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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