Watch The New Teaser From ‘Sultan’ Featuring Anushka Sharma

Earlier we saw Salman Khan’s Damdaar Avtar as ‘Sultan’, the wrestler in the teaser launched by YRF few days back. Now it’s time to watch Salman’s Sultani in his upcoming movie ‘Sultan’.

The brand new teaser of ‘Sultan’ released by YRF shows Anushka Sharma in a badass avtar as ‘Aarfa’. In the teaser Anushka is seen giving a power-packed performance as a strong wrestler ripping muscles, who is also ‘Sultan ki Jaan’ in the film. In one shot, we can see Anushka as a subtle homemaker and in the other we can see her as a tough wrestler breaking bones. Interesting isn’t it?

Let’s wait and watch what’s more in store for us in the movie. Check out the teaser here:

[responsive_youtube 1QuRU65DQ3w]

‘Is Desh Ki Jaan na, Is desh ki ladies hai’


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