Watch these Adorable Kids Share their Honest Views about their Lovely Mothers


A mother’s pure love for her children is simply inexplicable. It is something which is beyond words. So I won’t even try to put it in words. Indeed, let’s hear it from the most truthful and genuine sources – the kids.

Watch this soothing video by Sunfeast Mom’s Magic where a group of  kids were asked a set of questions about their lovely moms. Their honest and cute answers will make you go awww!

Check out some of the beautiful replies by these sweet little angels –

– “I don’t know exactly how to describe it”.

– “She is beautiful inside and out”.

“She’s magic”.

-“She’s amazing and though she’s stressed, she tries to keep a smile on her face”.

And this cutie pie says “My mama’s the baby, I’m the mama”. <3

Here’s to the magic makers of the world – 

We love you thissss much! 🙂 

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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