Watch This Heart-warming Short Film Starring Naseeruddin Shah

In today’s modern world, finding true love is very rare. And even if someone finds it, in most of the cases the couple fall out of love due to some reason or the other. But what if even after trying hard, you couldn’t let your feeling for the person go away from your heart? What if that person stayed in your heart and you secretly hoped it to work out? And in such a situation, what if life gives you a second chance? Would you be brave enough to hold it or would you lose it once again out of fear?

This beautiful short film by LargeShortFilms stars ace actors like Naseeruddin Shah & Shernaz Patel in central characters and budding artists Naveen Kasturia & Shweta Prasad as their past selves. Directed by Adhiraj Bose, ‘Interior cafe night’ shows the lose and reunion of a couple who were deeply in love few years back and had to part ways due to unavoidable circumstances. It wonderfully captures the sensitive emotions of love, loss and reunion in the backdrop of a quaint little cafe. Watch it and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

[responsive_youtube 23KufSqo6cQ ]

‘Cos true love is eternal.

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