What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a technique which is used for promoting a website by elevating its chance of being visible in the search engine result pages. This is done by the help of advertising as well as optimization of the pages. The process of SEM helps in driving much more traffic to your website.

SEOBlocksMoreover, SEM helps in the marketing of a website along with SEO that prepares website for attaining a high ranking in the search engine result pages by editing the website’s contents. Besides, unlike PPC (Pay per Click), sometimes it may exclusively target the paid elements.

Basically, SEO aims at the optimization and designing of your website in order to let your website get a higher rank in the search engine result pages. The major search engines such as Google and Bing usually targets the most relevant contents that are present in a website. SEO mainly focuses on the keywords which are generally used by people to search a product or service provided by you. They use these keywords repeatedly in your contents and pages so that it would be easier for the search engines to exactly point out those keywords and make those visible to the users. For the purpose of SEO, instead of paying the search engines, you just need to optimize your contents to make your website get a higher rank in the search results.

But in case of PPC, you need to pay the search engines to make your site visible by making its appearance in the ads posted in their pages. The search engine then helps in placing your site on the search result pages by making a study on the amount of money that you can pay-per-click and by judging the importance of your ads as compared to other pages. This judgement is done on the basis of the number of times the times the search keyword turns up in your ads and the percentage of clicks that your ads obtain.


Why SEM?

The main aim of a website is to draw a huge amount of traffic towards it in order to inform and promote about the products and services it offers in front of the customers. So the visibility of a website to its customers is a vital factor for the successful functioning of a website.

For this purpose, both SEO and PPC are very effective techniques but at the same time both have their pros and cons also.

1. Even though you are spending a lot of your time for optimizing your webpage by the help of SEO technique, yet you do not have to pay anything to the search engines for the clicks you get on your pages, which is not the case in PPC.

2. Besides, getting clicks on the Search engine results is much easier and intermittent as compared to that in PPC ads due to the difference in the places of their appearance on a web page.

3. But if you want a huge amount of traffic in a very short period of time, then PPC ads are a better option.

4. Moreover, PPC speedily lets you know the keywords that work most effectively. So after having an idea about the apt keywords, you can easily implement those in your SEO techniques also.SEM-Search-Engine-Marketing

Hence, many people as well as business organizations prefer using both SEO and PPC techniques collectively in order to get the best results to make their web pages as well as business a grand success!


Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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