8 Posters that Show the Struggle of a Person who Decides to Quit Smoking

People who smoke give their own reasons on why they started it at the first place. Some say they began smoking to relieve their stress while others say they were forced to do so by their friends who convinced them that its cool to smoke.

Whatever may be your excuse, once you start smoking it slowly becomes a habit and then turns into an addiction. These effective posters by Scroll Droll show what happens when a person who smokes decides to quit the habit of smoking.
















Addiction to anything is hazardous. May it be smoking, alcohol, drugs or any other thing. If you smoke even after knowing the fact that it kills you slowly, then at least think about your family if not about yourself and quit smoking today.

It’s difficult to quit, so never start!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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