Google aids in converting multiple currencies at the same instant

It is a common fact that many of us seek the help of Google to do with the mathematical equations. You can also perform various measurement calculations, and currency conversions can also be done. This is possible because of the built in calculator present in Google.Google aids in converting multiple currencies at the same instant. For example, you can convert 1 USD to INR. This gives you the exchange rates of 1 USD in Indian money value. The imperial metric mass is available immediately.

unnamedWhile it is popularly known that Google can convert imperial units of all numeric, you might not be aware of the fact that you can use Google to convert multiple currencies at the same time. Yes, multiple conversion is possible with Google. For instance, this would be able to get into you easily if you are in numismatics. If you need to find the value of your British Pounds and Japan Yens in American Dollars added up, then it is pretty simple to get it done with the Google currency converter at the same time.

The same is applicable for measurement and time conversions. For instance, you can enter the following query, 2.6 kg+18 pounds +24 gram+12 ounces. The resulting answer is 11.1288569 kilograms.unnamed (1)

Another example for time measurement is 2 years + 11 months + 12 weeks + 19 days. The result of this query given by Google is 3.19867132 years.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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