How to Auto-Post your RSS Feed to Google+ Pages?

RSS content can be directly published to Twitter and Facebook and this is possible because of the cross posting service called Now, the same way you can publish the content automatically in Google + pages using the same cross posting service. This is going to take just a few minutes. This way your blog can directly get the RSS feeds if you use Google + through the service. However, there are few requirements that are mandatory for this. Here goes the step by step process on how to auto-post your RSS feed to Google + pages.


As mentioned, there is a requirement which needs you to hold an account of You would not be able to auto post the RSS feed to Google + pages with a free account. So if you hold one already, you need to upgrade it to any of the premium plans of the

How to do it with an existing Account?

You need to log into your account. There is a button termed +add, you need to click the button. The list of available outputs can be seen once you have clicked the added button. You can see the logos of the sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and much more here. Click Google +’s logo. In case you have not upgraded to the premium account and still hold a basic account, then the page routes you to upgrade the account. But if you hold a premium account, then the pop up of destination editor appears and you need to click the “ Connect to Google +” button. You will be directed to login your Google account and in case you are logged in already, the step skips. You would be asked for permission to access the account to post the content and allow access. Then select the Google + page for the content to be auto posted. Now, the process is over but you need to save it to complete it. This completes the process and the content is posted.

social-network-iconsFeatures of Auto-Posting:

When you have created, Google + has the destination, your RSS feed is watched every 15 minutes and any update is posted in your Google + page. You can publish any number of RSS feeds and you can also include #hashtags if you want to cauterize the content. Moreover, you can also customize the schedule and make the content posted at any point of your desired time. With a premium account, RSS feed can be posted automatically in Google + and is the first third party service to allow this. The publishers need to pay $9.99 per month. However, publishers feel that there is letdown because the content is pushed to Google + pages and not to the individual profile.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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