How to Avoid Overheating Computer?

Slow computers can be a nightmare for many. But in spite of having a high configuration system why does your laptop or computer heats up? This guide will cover the various reasons for overheating of computers and easy steps on how to avoid overheating computer.

Major Reasons Which Heats Up Your Computer:

  1. Dust gets accumulated in the interior of the laptop circuitry
  2. Air flow impedance by the circuit components
  3. Operating the computer when the ambient temperature is too high
  4. A number of programs running simultaneously can heat up the CPU
  5. Faulty working or obstructions in the CPU cooling fans
  6. Over clocking of the computer

Steps to Avoid Over Heating of Your Personal Computer:Computer-over-heating-reasons

Over heating is a major phenomenon which affects most personal computers. And sadly, it is not confined to old computers only. Some faulty practices can also cause overheating. The following steps will let you avoid excessive heating of your system:

1. Keep your System Clean:

Dust accumulation is one of the main reasons for slowing down your computer, even if you have a higher configuration system. When dust gets deposited on the ports and circuit components, it hampers the performance of the computer.

Occasionally open up the CPU and use a compressed air can or vacuum cleaners to suck the dust particles.

2. Where You Place the System:

If you use a laptop, then you need to also consider where and how you place it. Placing it on the bed or on your lap is certainly not a good option. It blocks the ventilation due to which the cooling fans are over worked, causing over heating of the system.

Always place the laptop either on a laptop stand or on your table. Ensure that the cooler fans are not blocked by wires or circuit components.

3. Hydrate your Heat Sink:

Heat Sink is a thermal component glued over the CPU. This component is also responsible for cooling off the system. But when it gets dried up, your system may heat up faster than usual.

Ensure that the heat sink is hydrated. You can do this either consulting a professional or opening up your laptop case yourself.

4. Additional Attachments:

If after following the above steps, your laptop gets heated up unusually fast, then you can attach some computer accessories as well. Cooling pads with attached fans is one such option.

ComputerUnitMake sure that you follow all the above steps and prevent over heating of your computer or laptop. All machines do get heated up but don’t force summer throughout the year for your computer.

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