How to Block Useless Websites from your Google Search Results?

When searching on Google, you wish to get meaningful results only. If you sit and browse through those useless sites, you would end up wasting your time and you most certainly do not wish to do so. You have various ways and means to do this and this way you can save yourself from indulging in browsing through meaningless sites. So here is how to block useless websites from your Google search results.

Unblock-Websites1. Filter at Browser Side:

There is an add-on feature available on chrome that allows you to filter certain websites or web domains from your search engine toolbar. Whenever you see a result that you feel is irrelevant to your search, use the block feature available below that link and the entire domain would refuse to appear on your search result. The advantage is that you won’t get to see that domain again while searching but there is a disadvantage associated to it too. The disadvantage is that these settings are meant for chrome. So, if you search for the same links on Firefox or elsewhere, these links would appear in your search.

2. Blocks on Google Accounts:

You can block some sites from appearing per Google Account that you hold. You can block almost 500 websites that occur as spam and add it to a separate Google account you have. Whenever you sign in from a Google account, the Google search won’t show the sites blocked on that account. Though this is often said, most of the times you find yourself browsing through spam websites in spite of blocking them. But even then it works in most cases for you.

3. The Global Filter:google_chrome

The Google Custom search is the ideal tab that would allow you to create filters and access those filters across browsers and applications. This tab does not allow you to search the entire website, it is just meant for a few websites. You can always reverse this by creating filters where the CSE would search the entire internet and ignore the websites you have mentioned in the filter. Export the block site list from Chrome. Now create a CSE and enter the extension of all the websites that you normally wish to search. After that, when you are pressing next, a screen would appear asking for sites to ignore. You can add the sites from the download list. Now test your CSE and see how well your global filter works.

piracyIt is always better to utilize a little time to work on filtering the sites than browsing through the spam sites all the while.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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