How to choose the Best Font Color for Text captions in Photos and Videos?

When you want to add titles in any part of the video or a photo, say in the third part of a video or a title to the photo on its top, the motto of the title should be readability. Regardless of the color chosen and the font chosen and the position placed, the text should be read immediately. If you want the text to be read with no issues regardless of what the background image’s color is, then you need to choose the best font color that makes the text easily readable, irrespective of other factors concerning the image. So here is how to choose the best font color for text captions in photos and videos.

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 If you want to have the perfect font color for your text in your images and videos, the simple way to achieve it is to choose the fill color to be white and let the outline be black and thin. Compared with any other font color, this is the best one and is easily readable. You can find that Google Plus, and other popular meme generators online use the white font and a black outline for any text on any image or video. This is because the text is clear regardless of the brightness of the background color.

The white color fill font with a black outline makes sure that the brightness of the background color of the image or the video, where it is placed do not dominate the text. For instance, notwithstanding the background color, which may be purple, violet and any other loud color, the font color of white, with a thin black outline always sounds readable and clear. This is why many of the popular search engines prefer this color over the images and videos. The same is the reason why many sites use the same font color too.

Instance from YouTube:mzl.kjtulizj

Another example to prove this is here. Go to YouTube video and enable text captions. If you have already enabled text captions too, you will be able to see the white color font with a black outline. The only difference is that there is a little drop shadow. In spite of the fact that various colors are used in the videos of the YouTube site, the caption of the text is defined more brightly compared with the background color, when this font color is used. So, if you are looking for the best font color to use in your video or image and if you want your text to be read without any efforts from the reader and if you want the caption to be highlighted, white font color in black outline is the best choice.

Font Typefaces:

Also, you need to choose the best font styles. Sans Serif Fonts are best compared to the serif fonts. You can choose any of the following fonts:

  1. Arial
  2. Calibri
  3. Helvetica
  4. Tahoma
  5. Verdana.

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