How to clean up the right click menu in Windows?

Do you feel disturbed by the number of additional pop-ups that appear in the context menu in Windows when you right-click on your desktop or in Windows Explorer? It has been a profitable space for software sellers to promote their products by attaching unnecessary options in the context menu and that too without asking for permission. So whenever, you install a new program, you will find some new options added to your context menu. Here is how to clean up the right click menu in Windows.

There are various free utilities available to help you in cleaning your windows context menu effectively.b0e8aa9d-d462-4ad6-94aa-27c590b70872_14

1. ShellExView:

This tool helps you by scanning your windows registry and showing a complete list of all the shell extension installed in your windows. You need to arrange the list by “Type” and concentrate on those particular elements that contain “Context Menu” as their type. Any item that is unwanted for you among the list can be disabled easily by just a single click.

However, this tool is a bit complicated for the normal users. So you can opt for another useful alternative known as Context Menu Editor which was basically designed for earlier Windows versions but is applicable for Windows 7 as well.

2. Context Menu Editor:

Context Menu Editor helps you in deleting links to other programs such as the Virus Scanner, WinZip and many more conveniently from the Window Context Menu.

However, the only limitation in this case is that, once removed the items cannot be integrated again with the context menu.

3. FileMenu Tools:

This is another effective tool that helps you in removing the unwanted stuff from the context menu and provides you the facility to add them again whenever you feel the need to do so at a later period of time.  For this purpose, you just need to open the context menu and go to “Commands of other Applications” tab and clear all the unwanted items. Moreover, this tool can also be used to de-clutter the sendTo menu.

C6hoPNote that in order to save your changes; you are required to run the Context Menu Editor as well as the FileMenu Tools as administrator since both of these are responsible for bringing about changes to your Windows registry.

Hence, try out any of the above mentioned tool preferable to you and free up all the unessential stuff cluttering your right-click menu in windows.


Swasti Pujari
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