How to convert the Mailto Hyperlinks in the contact forms?

In most of the sites, for instance the sites that require the user to contact them, like the shopping sites, or the marketing sites that encourage customer interaction have a hyperlink of their email addresses. When the customer clicks the hyperlink, the default email account which is active opens and up and the user can frame a mail and send it to the site’s contact person. The “To address” is automatically the address of the hyperlink. They are nothing but the usual text of the email address and they are converted using the Mailto protocols to turn into a hyperlink. Here is how to convert the mailto hyperlinks in the contact forms.

email-signup-php-jquery-premium-contact-formThis method is very advantageous if you want your email address not be published online. You can see many of the websites offering this hyperlink instead of mail addresses in the contact form. So, there is no requirement of an external program for sending an email and the email id is not revealed.

Mailto Links > Contact Forms:

You can make use of SquareSend which is great for Mailto Links and the Contact Forms. This is a service, which is reliable and faster. The service converts the mailto hyperlinks you have placed on your websites into the inline contact forms automatically. The step to get this done is very simple. In your template, just paste a javascript link. Once you have pasted the java script, you can see that the email address will not bring out a new message in the email program, but it will open a modal contact form.

How to get started?ajax-php-jquery-premium-contact-form

Create an account in SquareSend website. For this you need to use the email address, which you want to place in the mailto links. Then you need to paste the appropriate java script snippet in your blog or template or website. The job is done. Yes, it is as easy as that, and you can go ahead and see that a contact form is opened whenever the mailto email address is clicked. When through the SquareSend email link someone tries to contact you, the same is sent to your primary email ID and then a copy is available in SquareSend. You can also customize the contact forms. SquareSend is a free of charge service and you can link 5 email addresses and can get 50 messages to each id per month.

For WordPress Users:

online-surveys-convertSpam bots always hack the email addresses in the website, but the WordPress users can use the function called anispambot. This function makes the characters of the email address hide behind the HTML characters, so that the spam bot do not recognize it.

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