How to Create your own eBook Library from Wikipedia Articles?

Do you know eBook publishing is now fun and easy using Wiki articles? Wikipedia allows users to compile a book by bundling a bunch of Wiki articles that are already published. Creating a self eBook library for later reference is what every Wiki reader wishes to. If you are one of them, then start creating or say archiving, your Wiki pages and publish them. Here is a convenient way how to create your own eBook Library from Wikipedia Articles.

How to Compile an eBook from Wiki Articles:

  1. Open the Wikipedia page you wish to add to your e-library
  2. Ensure that the Book Creator tool is enabled. If not enable the tool.

Steps to Enable Book Creator tool in Wikipedia:

  1. In any Wikipedia page, you will notice a number of links in the left sidebar.
  2. Under the Print/export section, click Create a Book link.
  3. A confirmation will be asked to Use Book Creator tool, press Start Book Creator.
  4. Once the Book Creator tool is enabled, it will be visible on the topmost position of every Wikipedia page.
  5. You can add as many pages as you wish in your eBook using the tool.

How to use Wikipedia Book Creator Tool:

  1. Disable: Click on this link to disable the Wikipedia Book Creator tool. On disabling, you will no longer see it on the top of every page.
  2. Add this page to your book: Clicking on it adds the currently viewed article to your eBook.
  3. Suggest pages: This tool helps to create an eBook quickly by suggesting relevant pages to you, after analyzing the contents of the book.
  4. Show book: Opens a new page showing the total number of pages your eBook currently has. You can even syndicate, organize and structure the pages inside the newly created eBook. Add a title, subtitle to your eBook and download it as a PDF or ODF or EPUB or OpenZIM or order a printed book.

What Else can you do With ‘Show Book’:discterm

  1. Give a Title to your eBook
  2. Add a Subtitle, if you wish to
  3. Structure the pages using Create Chapter
  4. Arrange the pages through Sort Alphabetically
  5. Clear Bookto remove all the pages in the eBook
  6. Preview and Order eBook by clicking Order a printed book
  7. Download soft copy of the eBook in PDF, ODF, EPUB or OpenZIM format.

Adding Multiple Pages Simultaneously to Your eBook:

  1. Add this page to your book: Adds a single page which is currently being viewed
  2. Add Categories: All the articles in a Wikipedia Category page will be added to your eBook.
  3. Add pages without visiting them: Hover on a link inside a Wiki article for more than one second and click ‘Add linked wiki page to your book’.

wikipedia_ebooksSo start creating your own eBook library from Wikipedia articles. You can even publish those as all Wikipedia articles are made available under the Creative Commons licensing. It won’t be an issue if you wish to distribute or sell your own eBook through any of the eBook stores.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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