How to download photos from Picasa Web Albums without Picasa Software?

Do you want to preserve your favorite photos from Picasa Web Albums and you are worried as you don’t have Picasa Software installed in your system? Ease off! Now you can easily back up your full size images to the hard disk of your desktop without the need of any Picasa App. Here is how to download photos from Picasa Web Albums without Picasa Software.

gdata-picasa-mediumSteps to be followed:

  1. First of all, you need to start Picasa Utility and there you need to sign-in with the details of your Google Account which you also you for signing in to your Picasa Account.
  2. After attaining the certified Picasa Web Utility for accessing your pictures, a list of all the existing Picasa Album will be displayed to you. You need to choose a specific photo album for downloading your desired photos.
  3. After that, you are required to select “Original Photo Size” present under the option and choose hit Generate Codes. At this stage, direct download links of all the images will be generated by the Picasa Web Utility in the Picasa Web Album.

Now, you just need to copy and paste the generated Picasa links in the notepad and save those text files with the .html extension.  For downloading all your desired Picasa photos to your hard drive, you just need to open the saved HTML file in any browser of your choice and select Save As -> entire page.app_sphere_picasa

Besides, Picasa Web Utility can also be used for creating HTML codes for thumbnails. Moreover, instant photo galleries can also be generated by the help of this amazing Utility for publication purposes on a blog.


Hence, the Picasa web Utility is a very effective tool having a wide range of useful features. So try this highly effective Utility and cherish your wonderful memories forever!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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