How to find out when your Google account was created?

Do you remember when you created your Google account? If not, then its time you find it out and keep a record of it somewhere since it is very important constraint to retrieve your account if ever it gets hacked or if you are not able to access your account and you don’t remember the alternate email address or the mobile number you provided. Here is how to find out when your Google account was created.GmailIn order to restore your Gmail account, Google will ask you some security questions related to your personal information which you provided earlier. For instance,

  1. You accessed your Google Account by using which password last time?
  2. When exactly did you log in to your Google Account for the last time?
  3. When did you create your Google Account?

So, even if you don’t remember the accurate dates, yet Google provides you with an option to give the approximate ones closest to the exact dates.

So, it is preferable to note down the date of creation of your Google account securely for future use. You can either do so from your Gmail mailbox by switching to All messages and finding out the creation date from the Welcome message received by the Gmail team.

Or else, if you have deleted that particular email, then you can conveniently get the creation date of your Gmail Google account by going through the following steps:

  1. You need to visit / takeout and login in there with your present Google Account.
  2. Then you are required to select the link displayed as “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”.
  3. After that, Google will ask you to provide your password. So, after signing in, the Google Account creation will be shown in the following page.expired_suggestion_domain_name_email_hosting_right_cheap_transfer

As you know that “Prevention is always better than Cure”, hence keep a note of this simple information with you which can serve as very useful factor while recovering your Gmail account.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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