How to fix if Gmail or Google does not open in Chrome?

The new version of Google Chrome has been brought in and many would have started using it. Now, if you are using one, it is quite common to see a few errors. For many people, there may be issues that arise while trying to open the Google or Gmail from this Chrome version and these are socket errors. You may have also seen that the internet connection is available and is good. The same sites like Gmail and Google can be opened up and accessed from other browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. But with Google Chrome, you would find that the error “Web Page Not Available” springing up most of the times. And these pages never open up in the Chrome, while the same can be accessed with the other browsers at the same time. Here is how to fix if Gmail or Google does not open in Chrome.

chromesecurity_primary-100029482-largeWhat is the solution?

If you are looking for a solution, then there is a temporary solution where you need to restart your computer. However, this is not a permanent solution. These errors occur more often and you need to find a solution to get rid of this issue forever. When you face this issue, you are not alone. You can see that many online users reporting on the same and even, thousands of Twitter users too, face the same issue, when they use Google.

One point that is ironical is that the users of Chrome face the socket errors only with the sites of Google. The Google team is yet to come up with a solution for these errors and while we need to wait, you can also learn that there exists a solution without having to restart the computer. This is a simple solution and you need not restart the computer and get rid of the errors of Google pages.k-bigpic (1)

Here is the step by step instruction of how to get rid of socket errors:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • In the address bar or the Omni box, type chrome : // net- internals
  • Go to the Sockets tab
  • choose Flush Socket pools

After performing this, you can see that now you can open the Google pages like Gmail or any other page and see there are no errors and these pages open up instantly.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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