How to get email alert when someone tries to log into your computer?

Are you worried about your computer’s security when you are away from it for a short break? Do you doubt that someone might have tried to login to your computer in your absence? If yes, then here is a convenient way out to your problem. Now you can identify the person along with his photo who logged in or even attempted logging into your computer without your permission. So here is how to get email alert when someone tries to log into your computer.

final2For this purpose, a new website known as has been launched. The website will send an email alert along with the photo of the person whenever someone tries to log into your computer.

Now let us know how this Mouse Lock functions. First of all, you need to sign into your Google account since the website will send the email alert to your Gmail address and then choose a password on the screen. After that, you are required to place the cursor of your mouse in a specific region of the Mouse Lock website before leaving the system.

So, the next time a person tries to move the mouse, he will need to give the actual password first. And after few trials, if he won’t be able to feed the original password, an email alert will be automatically sent to you. Furthermore, if your computer has a webcam, then an image of that person will also be captured by your system when he tries to login.

Even though you cannot stop the person from intruding by the help of the Mouse Lock, yet it can alert you by informing about the unethical invasion. Moreover, the Mouse Lock does not need any complex installation process since it is a web app.Phishing

However, the only disadvantage of this web app is that because of some error, it sends alert mails even if any key is pressed by mistake since there is no option available for locking the computer once the monitor is set up. But besides this minor glitch, it is a very useful process and essential for your computer since prevention is always better than cure. So check out this amazing app and secure your personal data from being leaked by unnecessary people.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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