How to Get Free SMS Alerts When your Website is Down?

When you own a website, it becomes necessary to know your website’s operational status all the time. This is because you wish to know if people are able to access your website or not. This is a pretty normal routine that you may wish to follow. Well, more than knowing the uptime for a particular website, you would wish to know the downtime of the website. This is particularly important because at this point, people are not able to access the website for millions of reasons. If your business is set online, this is of a particular interest to you. There are lots of website monitoring tools that offer these services. They notify you whenever your website goes down and also state reasons for the same if any. You should ideally use these tools so that you can get into the loop of knowing how your website performs. Here is how to get free SMS alerts when your website is down.

SMS FREEEEE1. The Google Calendar:

Enter your Google Calendar page. Once done, click on settings and enter the mobile settings. In the mobile settings page, you would be able to see a box asking for mobile number. Enter your mobile number there. Before you set your mobile on alerts, check the carriers page to know if Google Calendar supports your location carrier. If yes, you do not need to add your carrier. After having entered your number, click on the tab saying “send verification code”. In a matter of seconds, the verification code would appear in your mobile. Feed this code to the site and then press enter. There, you have set your mobile phone. Now, click on reminders and enter the event where you wish to get an alert on the phone. The best part is now you can use your SMS feature to create events.

2. The Website Monitor:mobile-phone-alert

You need a website monitor spreadsheet on your Google docs to help you with the alerts. Click on initialize in the Google docs to get started. The script will require necessary commands inserted to send in the alerts on events. Once you have initialized the script, enter your Email address and the website URL that you wish to check on. Once all this is done, you need to press start monitoring. This app will run constantly and keep a check on your website.

How to Get SMS Alerts When Your Website is DownIsn’t it a wonderful way to know when your website is down? Now, your handset itself will give you the information whether your website is working or not!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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