How to Get Vanity URL on Google Plus?

Google recently had announced (August 13, 2012) the launch of vanity URLs for business pages. Sadly, Google + users can’t have vanity URLs as of now. It is because Google fears as the Gmail account and Google + account of many users are interlinked, there are chances of spamming of their Google accounts. Only verified pages can have vanity URLs. Although you can still opt for a shortened Google+ URL, instead of remembering the long set of numbers or more commonly referred as the ‘Google + Id’.

Verify & Get Vanity URLs in Google +This tutorial will help you in knowing how to get vanity URL on Google Plus.

Steps to Verify & Claim Vanity URLs for Google Plus Pages:

  1. Create a Google+ Page: To have vanity URL, you need to have a Google+ page. If you still don’t have, create one.
  2. Link with Your Website: To confirm that the page belongs to you, link it to your website. You can do this by adding a link to your website in the ‘About’ section of your Google + page.
  3. Link Back to Your G+ Page: Add the Google generated code in your website. You can get the code by following this link. Include them in your website’s header or footer section.
  4. Verify: Complete the verification process. Earlier a G+ page with an excess of 10,000 followers was eligible for verification. But later it was relaxed to ‘more than 100 followers’, until recently it ‘must have a meaningful number of followers’.Google+ vanity URL.jpg
  5. Wait: Once you get the confirmation mail, be sure that your G+ page is eligible for vanity URL and soon you will get it. Keep on checking your Google + page from time to time for vanity URL. It may take some time to show vanity URL for your page after you receive the confirmation mail.
Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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