How to increase likes in Facebook?

Are you crest-fallen by the less number of likes you get in your Facebook and want to know how to increase likes in Facebook? Fret not! Here are some simple tips to help you out.

Some simple tricks to increase Facebook likes:

1. In order to increase likes in Facebook, proper advertising is a very important factor. It helps in rapidly increasing your fan base.

2. Besides, periodic rotation of ads posted can be of great help in this regard since it keeps the audience entertained and they get refreshed by the newness they get to seen in their every visit. Sometimes the Conversion rates or CTR rates fall may fall straight by 50% after the first few hours. So you need to revamp the ads and not ignore those altogether after posting.

3. Moreover, including Facebook Social Plug-in Box to your blog as well as website helps in drawing huge traffic to your website through Facebook.

4. Furthermore, adding unique and free videos that a person can watch only after liking the page can serve as a catalyst for increasing the likes.

5. Likewise, conducting quizzes and competition can also be fruitful for increasing likes in Facebook. Or else a free ebook can be offered for each like.
6. In the starting stages, popularity can also be achieved from the likes done by family and friends. This is a very important booster in the initial days.

7. A very effective strategy for the promotion of your blog is to post the contents of the blog in Facebook after writing a fresh blog every time. This will help the Facebook users to read the contents of your blog directly from Facebook and it will be convenient for them since there won’t be any need for them to visit your blog. In this way, Facebook will serve as a substitute to spread the contents of your blog among the readers.

8. In addition, including attractive high resolution images in your blogs is a great idea for attracting visitors and stimulating them to share the posts in order to get regular visitors and maximum likes from them.

9. Also, adding a big custom banner to your website and blog or a Facebook like button on your email template can make it easier for visitors to like your page. Besides, posting an influential update related to the specific field or industry on your Facebook page on a regular basis can prove to be very effective for getting more and more likes.

10. Above all, everyone is interested to avail huge discounts. So you can also introduce special discount offers for the visitors for liking the posts as well as the page.

Hence, by keeping in mind the above tricks you can easily increase the number of likes in Facebook thereby taking your business to colossal heights!


Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

Swasti Pujari is a versatile Engineer, blogger, content writer, and Social Media Enthusiast. With a passion for technology and creativity, she has devoted her career to solving engineering challenges and crafting engaging content. Her online presence is a strategic platform for connecting with people and sharing insights. Swasti's unique blend of technical expertise and creative expression has made her a key figure in her field. Her mantra for success is continuous learning and happiness in her work, reflecting her innovative approach to both engineering and writing.

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