How to increase Twitter followers?

Are you keen to promote your business through Twitter and want to know how to increase twitter followers? Here are some effective tips to assist you.

Presently, Twitter has become one of the most popular platforms along with Facebook for companies to promote their services. Besides, it also helps in doing thorough market research and allows the companies to connect with their target audience by listening, sharing as well as engaging in different activities.

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Since, the word limit for posts in Twitter is only 140 characters, so the information shared is usually precise and exactly to the point. As it does not allow posting too many words, so people are bound to be more innovative and post thought provoking tweets.

Some simple tricks to increase Twitter followers:

1. Be appealing:

Simply creating an account in Twitter won’t fetch you followers, rather you need to be participative and be operative through mentions, retweets, hashtags and informative conversations. People usually follow those accounts whose tweets contain some humor or are thoughtful and post tweets regarding their topic of interest or some useful stuff such as online offers or discounts. Besides, the Twitter account that posts exclusive contents and communicates with other users becomes popular more quickly.

2. Give importance to Followers:

Even though the first priority of a Twitter account should be to provide qualitative content, yet making the followers feel their worth is an important factor.

However, sharing high quality contents which will be helpful for the users to enhance their knowledge base will automatically stimulate them to follow your account. Besides, it can even motivate them to recommend your business and services to their friends and family.

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3. Make the follow option more convenient:

It should be made clear that the icon showing the follow option is displayed prominently in your Twitter account. Besides, a link of the Twitter account can also be integrated with your email signature to make it noticeable. Moreover, information of your Twitter account can also be made available on other social media sites for promotional purposes.

4. Participate in trending post:

Tweeting about the trending topics can increase the popularity of your account during that period. Besides, using hashtags in your tweets can also prove to be beneficial for this purpose.

5. Follow famous accounts:

Following celebrities, icons or dignitaries enhances the value of your account. Also, retweeting their tweets can easily fetch you their attention. Besides, following the account which you suppose will follow you back can bestow you with more number of followers subsequently. Furthermore, you can also send a direct message to every follower with a thank you note along with the link of your company’s website. It ensures the follower that your account is a genuine one.

buy-twitter-followersHence, by following these steps, you will successfully be able to attract a large number of users to follow your twitter account. So implement these tricks and take your business to astounding heights!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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