How to make photo collage using Picasa?

Do you want to give your closest friend a priceless gift on her birthday? If yes, then a photo collage is one of the most valuable present since it embraces with it your cherished memories. Photo collages are a very effective way means of expressing your emotions attached to a person. So here is how to make photo collage using Picasa.

photo-collages-1For this purpose, you simply need to have the Picasa software from Google which is available absolutely for free. Basically, Picasa contains a default photo collage maker for modifying your favorite digital pictures into beautiful collage readily.

For making the collage, first of all you are required to choose your desired images with which you are willing to prepare the collage. For choosing non-consecutive photos, you just need to press the Ctrl key during the selection of images.

After sorting out the desired images, you can view those in the photo tray present near the status bar of your Picasa. At this stage, you need to select Create -> Make Picture Collage or else you can directly select the Collage button which is present near the photo tray.

Some useful tricks:

  1. If the arrangement of photos in the collage does not please you enough, then you can simply click the preview windows and the images will be shuffled for you.
  2. Moreover, if you want a different design for the photo collage, then you can change the layout by pressing shift and then clicking the preview windows. If you are still not satisfied with the arrangement, then you need to keep clicking the preview window for getting different layouts.picasa_mac_collage2_smaller

Furthermore, you can also use Picasa for creating a rectangular frame or a photo strip of all your favorite images.

So, check out this amazing software and make wonderful photo collages to gift your friends and family!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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