How to remove noise from your Twitter Timeline?

Do some of your Twitter friends keep posting too many tweets during specific events which fill your timeline with so much of unwanted stuff? Here are some convenient ways how to remove noise from your Twitter Timeline.

Generally, you must be facing this problem whenever a cricket match is on air or whenever there is some breaking news to gossip about. Besides, iPhone users usually keep posting Instragram photos every now and then, drowning your Twitter Timeline completely.

reduce-noise All this must be giving you a secret desire to have hide button on your Twitter account so that you can block those specific persons and their tweets for that period of time, without totally unfollowing them.

For this purpose, some effective apps are available which can help you hide tweets for a specific time period.

Tweetduck is one such app which can help you in creating simple text filters for hiding unnecessary tweets containing certain words or tweets related to a particular #hashtag or which is posted by specific people. This can be accessed from the settings itself.

But if you are accessing Twitter from the general website instead of any app, then Slipstream can be beneficial for you. Basically, it is a very useful extension for Google Chrome to assist you in automatically cleaning up your Twitter timeline according to your own wish.

After installing the extension, a new hide link will appear near every tweet on the Twitter website. By clicking this link, a new filter can be determined to hide tweets containing specific words. You simply need to save the filter and tweets related to that particular word or #hashtag would not appear in your timeline any more.timthumb

Or else, the text area can simply be left blank to hide all the upcoming tweets from a specific user. These current filters can be disabled or completely deleted any time by going to the options menu.

Hence, check out these apps and free your Twitter account from the continuous irritable tweets which flood your Twitter timeline with every happening in the world.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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