How to remove pre installed trial software from a newly bought computer?

Did you recently buy a computer and are troubled by the wide range of unnecessary software installed in it from before hand? Here is a convenient way how to remove pre installed trial software from a newly bought computer.

For this purpose, a free tool known as “PC Decrapifier” is available which helps in detecting as well as uninstalling almost all the not so essential pre-installed software automatically. Moreover, it will also reset the home page of your browser as well as the search engine which is present by default.

This tool is applicable for almost all the trial programs (including the browser toolbars) which has been developed by the OEM partners such as Microsoft, , Google, Yahoo, Dell , Norton, Corel, Roxio, Sonic, etc.

Even though this software has been launched since sometimes now, yet the most recent version, that is the 2.0 is a totally revised one and hence provides utmost stability as compared to the earlier versions.

So try it out and release all your tensions which might have struck you somewhere during a later period of time while using your awesome system.


Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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