How to report a Spam on Twitter?

Are you getting unnecessary messages or comments on your tweets from a spam profile and want to know how to report a spam on Twitter? In such cases, you can either block that profile or you can report that profile as spam to be reviewed by the Twitter’s safety team.


But when a profile is reported as spam to Twitter, generally they don’t let you know the present status of the request you placed. Still you can track the status of your request by the help of a tool named as Later Spam. It does the tracking work for you and also informs you when Twitter deactivates the spammer’s account.


But for this purpose, you are required to report that spammed profile through Later Spam by visiting the Later Spam website and only those profiles which have commented on your Tweets freshly can be reported. It does not consider your report if it is about a profile which replied on a Tweet of yours earlier.

Even after these minor flaws, the Later Spam tool is very effective and hence can be used instantly to get rid of those irritating spam profiles on Twitter.


Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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