How to send notes to Evernote Notebook from Twitter?

Are you interested in taking notes in Evernote straight from twitter? If yes, then here is how to send notes to Evernote Notebook from Twitter.

evernote-helps-you-to-never-forget-a-thing-againFor this purpose,

  1. First of all, you need to follow @myen on Twitter.
  2. By doing so, a link will be sent to you by the bot through a direct message.
  3. You are required to click on that link in order to link your Evernote account with your specified Twitter username.
  4. So, for acquiring a fresh note into Evernote, you just need to send a direct message to @myen bot.
  5. You can also save a note to your Evernote Notebook by including @myen in your tweets. This will archive the message or retweet into your Evernote Notebooks permanently.(5) Evernote Sharing (JoinMyNotebook) on Twitter

Saving Evernote Clips through SMS:

Even if you do not use Twitter more often, yet you can link Evernote with Twitter as this will help you in sending your desired notes in Evernote via SMS. This can be done by composing a note on your mobile phone and then sending it to Twitter by the help of your country’s short code. By doing so, the note will eventually be saved in Evernote.

It is a very effective process and the notes sent through Twitter will appear in the Evernote account within no time. Besides, it also gives you the opportunity to keep a track of other people’s activities in Evernote.

lvescribe-blog480So, check out this useful technique and send notes to your Evernote Notebook from Twitter efficiently.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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