How to test your password strength online?

Did you ever ponder upon the thought how secure is your password strength actually? If not, then give it a thought now. Here is how to test your password strength online effectively.

safe-and-sound-password-strength-540x350For this purpose, an excellent tool known as How Secure is my Password is available. You simply need to feed your password in the input box and it will display the time duration which an average computer will take for cracking your password by the help of Bruce Force method.

Basically, the tool employs the very convenient technique “(number of possible characters ^ length of password)/calculations per second” in order to find out the specific number. Besides, you can also let you know if your present password is a very common one (such as 123456) that can be cracked easily letting your account fall prey to the hackers.

Moreover, this efficient tool, “How Secure is my Password” functions inside the browser by the help of JavaScript and so there won’t be any risk of your password getting passed on to anyone else during the verifying process.


Hence, try out this method and secure your account by setting a comparatively stronger password for your account!

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