How to transfer software from one PC to another?

Have you recently bought a new computer and want to transfer the pre-installed software applications, program settings and files from your earlier PC to the new one? Ease off! Here is how to transfer software from one PC to another.

LTBtTDRWOGtuY1Ex_o_how-to-transfer-itunes-library-from-one-computer-to-For this purpose, an effective utility from Laplink known as PCmover is available which helps in transferring software from one computer to another efficiently. The PCmover is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows ranging from Windows 95 to Windows Vista.

Besides, the PCmover can also be used for transferring files from a Windows PC to any Intel based Mac where Windows XP is functional, through Parallels Desktop for Mac or Apple Boot Camp.

For availing this facility, you need to install PCmover on both the computers and connect them through a wireless network, LAN or any other suitable parallel cable. By following the directions given in the wizard you need to select the required files and it will transfer all the desired files, settings as well as programs automatically.

Moreover, PCmover will also help you in reserving all your lovable software such as Adobe programs including games, Microsoft Office, etc. from your earlier PC to the new one whenever  you plan to upgrade to a brand new PC. However, if you does not have a connection cable or a network at home, then no worries, you can transfer the programs conveniently by the help of a CD or DVD.transfer-files-software

Hence, check out this amazing utility and remove all your worries of losing your favorite programs while upgrading to a new computer!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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