How to visit LinkedIn profile anonymously?

Do you want to visit other people’s LinkedIn profile but cannot just because of the fear of being identified? Here is an easy way to know How to visit LinkedIn profile anonymously.

Basically LinkedIn sends email notifications to every user’s mail Id periodically to inform them of their profile visits. The sent list consists of 5 persons who recently viewed your profile but if you have subscribed for a premium membership, then you will be able to view the entire list of visitors who visited your profile the week before.

LinkedIn has this facility since a long time now but now a day they are publicizing it too much making it quite awkward. For instance, if a person is searching a particular profile on Google and casually opens his LinkedIn profile, then he would definitely not prefer if LinkedIn sends a notification or mail to the other person regarding the visit. Luckily, LinkedIn has a convenient alternative in this matter so that the “Who Viewed your Profile” option can be disabled altogether.

For this purpose, you simply need to log in your LinkedIn account and opt for the “Select what others see when you have viewed their profile” option present in the settings.

By doing so, you can not only be able to block others from getting an idea about your visits nor will you be able to know about the persons who visited your LinkedIn profile currently.

Hence, go ahead and secure you identity from other LinkedIn users’ visitor’s list and feel free to surf through any person’s LinkedIn profile anytime!liprofilestats

Swasti Pujari
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