How to watch YouTube videos as a series of still pictures?

Do you want to watch YouTube videos as a series of still pictures? Here is a convenient way to help you out in this regard.

YouTube-videosRecently YouTube included the storyboards to its video player which help its users to provide a clear idea about behind-the-scene concept of a You Tube video.

Basically, YouTube divides every video into a large number of smaller sections and portrays each section as an exclusive image frame. After that, all the frames are composed with one another forming a large image which helps us in visualizing the complete video at a single glimpse. Almost all the YouTube videos, even the ones with very long time duration such as movies, are using these storyboards.

If you want to catch the Storyboard of a YouTube video, then simply search for the images that have already been downloaded in your browser’s cache because when you witness a video, the resembling storyboard images are downloaded in the backdrop though you are usually not able to view those in their semi-finished stage.

ipad-youtube-600For an alternative option, you can simply add the “YouTube Frames” bookmark in your browser. When you want to view the still images, just open a YouTube video and select the above mentioned bookmark. It will definitely show the required still image frames of that particular video on a single page.

Hence, go on, give it try, watch YouTube videos as a series of still pictures and enjoy the still image frames of any YouTube video you wish to see!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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