“I am (JUST) a MAN” – A thoughtful video by HumaraMovie

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With videos like “My Choice” by Vogue doing rounds, here is a wonderful video by the team of HumaraMovie which has been made from the perspective of a man.

Like women, men too have many duties and responsibilities to take care of, may it be as a son, a brother, a husband or a father. They don’t hesitate to play all these roles efficiently. But apart from all these, sometimes they too want to be “JUST A MAN” and make their own choices.

And just because they are men, doesn’t mean they should be generalized as a rapist or a molester.

Watch this video and give your valuable reviews about it.

I am just a man, not a superman,

I am not a rapist, molester or womanizer; not an oppressor, pig or chauvinist either! 

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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