Is there an alternative for Google Reader?

Google is known for shutting down the products that do not provide good profits to it. So the questions arises- “Is there an alternative for Google Reader?” A few such examples are Picnic, the image editor, the clipping tool Notebook, the podcast client Listen, Google Desktop, the Offline search software, the free edition of Google Apps, Google SMS Channels, the personalized Google page called iGoogle, and the now in the list you can find the Google Reader. This is a web based RSS feed reader from Google.

google-1363218475Pros and cons:

Google concentrates on making profit and definitely would shut down the services that would not get it money. This means business and also there is an advantage that it can fill in with useful resources. On the other hand, the smaller companies find it helpful. Once the giants like Google stop the services, the smaller companies can thrive. They can add innovative apps and programs to the users.

But also, a few small web publishers and bloggers do not find this much hopeful. Of course, Google offered the perfect RSS feed reader. More than million readers subscribe to Google Reader to read the RSS feeds and these readers would have been gained at least a period of 10 years. When Reader from Google stopped its services from 1st July, these subscribers are lost by the bloggers and web publishers. Though a few would find alternatives and come again, most may not.

Replacing Google Reader:

It is worthy to go in search for alternatives. With so many readers available for RSS feeds, Feedly sounds better than all. Like Google App, this is web based and additionally there are apps for Android devices, and iOS devices. There are also others,

  1. Blogline2lvajmuqei8a0xmf9n1u
  2. Feedspot- it has a reader esque user interface
  3. Old Reader – it is minimalistic
  4. NewsBlur – this is an opensource app

1011358_10151451479521825_2033265898_nThere are also apps that are for mobile devices and they do not offer web based interface. So, if you cannot get them on your computers and mobiles that do not support these apps:

  1. Reeder
  2. Google Currents
  3. Flipboard
Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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