Listen to these Amazing Kids to Learn the Correct Definition of Religion


Watch this wonderful video by Being Indian in association with N Padmakumar where a group of kids were asked to give their views on what exactly is religion. Their honest and sensible replies will leave you dumbfounded.

Here are some of the replies –

“All religion are one and the same”.

“There should be harmony between religion and society”.

“God made Man, man made religion. This religion should not exist.”

If there was no religion –

“There would be no bomb blasts”.

“We would be lot more friendlier”.

“There would be no fights between people”

“Everyone would celebrate festivals together, there would be no your festival-my festival”.

Kudos to these lovely kids, the future of our country who understand the true meaning of religion. I hope their views will help many people (who are fighting in the name of religion) to learn their lessons right!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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