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PC vs Mac, which one is better? This context has become a regular topic of discussion among the techies as well as general masses since a long time now. But till now any conclusion could not be drawn in this matter. So let us throw some light on both of them in order to get some profound knowledge about the pros and cons of PC as well as Mac. The following criterion can help us to find out in details about what actually is the thing with PC vs Mac.

DifferencesbetweenPCandMacAvailability in the market:

Since Macs are manufactured extensively by Apple, hence the price range and other features remain exactly similar irrespective of the place from where you make the purchase. Besides, for any issues or repair works of your Mac you need to consult an Apple store center exclusively.

 But, PCs can be availed from a varied range of manufacturers and dealers. This provides much opportunity for the buyers to avail considerable amount of discount as per their budget and also it is easier for them to solve their issues as there are a large number of customer service outlets for the PCs as compared to Macs . And also the spare parts of the PCs can be easily attainable.

Price Difference:

While comparing PC vs Mac, the price range is a vital criterion. Since so many decades, The PC has overpowered the market as it can be owned easily within a customer’s budget. On the other hand, a Mac costs the buyers an additional $100 to $500 which serves as a disadvantage for it, resulting in a reduction in its sales.

Hard drive space:

Since some of the applications and Mac files are quite smaller than the PCs, Macs possess comparatively lesser hard drive space than PCs.

Internal memory:

 PCs usually provide 2GB to 8GB of RAM in case of desktops and laptops where as MACs only give 1GB to 4GB of memory space which act against it.


A Mac can run windows also, as opposed to PC. So if you want to own the functionality of both Mac and PC simultaneously, then Mac is a better choice for you.

As per the installation of software is concerned both Mac and PC are almost same. Recently Microsoft launched Microsoft office especially for Mac slamming all rumors of its conflicts with Apple which justified its cordial relationship with the same. But over ally, Macs are more compatible to software as compared to PCs which are basically designed to support windows only. But still, keeping aside all these minor flaws, both Mac and PC are compatible to almost all the open source software available. Besides, both are very convenient to learn and at the same time both are very user-friendly also.


In earlier days, the OS of PCs were believed to crash frequently, showing the users a blue screen but with periodic improvements,  Microsoft has succeeded in upgrading its OS with better trustable versions. On the contrary, the software as well as hardware of Macs have continuously been stable and crashes very rarely.

Hence, after going through the article you must have surely got a clearer idea about PC vs Mac and it would be easier for you to judge which one is most suitable for you as per your requirements. If your main concerns are cost of the product and availability of services, then you should go for PC or else Mac is the best option for you. So go ahead and make the apt decision for yourself and own the best system available in the market!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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