The best Twitter client for Windows Desktop

Are you a Twitter addict and want to use Twitter anytime from your Desktop directly? Then here is the best Twitter client for Windows Desktop.

metrotwit-icon-300x300There are many desktop clients available for Twitter such as Twhirl, Spaz, Snitter, etc and each one of them use Adobe AIR platform. Hence, they can be operated on Windows, Linux as well as Mac. These desktop clients help you in posting pictures, sending Tweets, etc directly from your desktop. Usually, all of these acquire almost same features but due to certain more efficient features Twhirl stands out of them since it has the classiest interface. Besides, multiple Twitter accounts can be integrated with it.

You just need to move your mouse over the names of your Twitter friends and you will be shown a large number of options such as replies, direct messages, etc.


Above all, Twhirl allows you to change the fonts of your Tweets making it appear more appealing.

So get this desktop client and have the privilege of accessing Twitter from your system throughout the day!


Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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