These Effective Posters Show why We Should Stop Stereotyping Men

In this patriarchal society, women has to go through a lot and bear the dominance of the other gender. Everyday is a challenge for them as they have to face the lecherous stares, lewd comments and other such harassment from males wherever they go.

But have you ever thought that when the five fingers of our own hand are not equal, then how can all men in the world be same? Well stereotyping the other gender in any case is not the right thing to do. All men are not rapists. Neither all men oppress women, nor all of them abuse their partners.

These posters by Mintified rightly describe why we should stop generalizing and blaming all men for the heinous acts of some psychotic monsters out there.














It’s high time we realize that not all men are same. It’s the person committing a crime who is at fault and should be blamed and not the entire gender.

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Blame one, not all !

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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