Watch This Wonderful Video Where Radhika Apte Is Giving The Right Advice To Every Woman

Women in our society are usually told to live their lives as per the societal norms. We are told how to act, how to dress, when to laugh, how to live and the list goes on. Whether it is about the perfect body type, the acceptable moral social behavior or the definition of beautiful, every single thing is set for us by the society.

But what the society fails to understand is that we women are wild and carefree creatures and believe in living our lives on our own terms. We are daughters, sisters, wives and mothers but above all we all are “Beautiful”.

Watch this video by BLUSH where Radhika Apte is breaking stereotypes and giving all women an encouraging message to believe in the fact that no matter however they are as individuals, they all are beautiful in their own way.


Beautiful is messy, imperfect, ordinary and peculiar.
Beautiful, is what you decide it should be.
Find, your beautiful 🙂 




Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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