When is the best time to post a tweet?

Do you want to know the most effective time duration to post your tweet so that more number of followers will be able to read it? Here is a suitable way to find out when to post a tweet.

images (12)For getting more views and retweets for your tweets you need to find out the exact time when your followers are online. You can post your tweets at that particular period of time in order to spread your words to throughout the world.

An efficient app known as Timely is available to help you out in this regard. This app will help you in finding the apt time for posting your tweets effectively. Basically, the app evaluates your latest 200 tweets and selects those which have got retweets. So, by analyzing the tweets which have been retweeted, it decides the most appropriate time for you to post your tweets.finding-the-best-time-to-post-to-social-networks

For this purpose, you simply need to insert your Twitter handle in the Timely box of the app in order to find out the most suitable time for tweeting.

However, the standard time for different followers in your Twitter accounts varies as per the location they are residing. Hence, if most of your followers belong to a different time zone as that of yours, then it is preferable to post your tweets according to their standard time in order to achieve maximum visibility for your tweets.

images (10)Hence, try out this effective app and enhance the popularity of your tweets to a great extent!

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