How to check if someone else is accessing your Facebook account?

Did you recently mark some questionable activities on your Facebook wall? Is the thought that someone else might be using your Facebook account worrying you? Fret not! Here is a convenient way how to check if someone else is accessing your Facebook account stealthily.

how_to_check_if_someone_else_is_accessing_or_using_your_facebook_accountBasically, Facebook has set some very simple security settings for the convenience of its users which can help them in finding out if an unknown person is stealthily logging in and using your Facebook account.

For this purpose, you simply need to go to -> Account Settings -> Account Security and a list of all the mobile devices as well as computers which have accessed your Facebook account along with the time when it has been accessed will be displayed to you. Besides, it will also give the approximate details about the region as well as the IP address from where the account has been accessed.medium_9be29d206faf6617930f8aa2604a100b

So, if you notice any suspicious devices other than those listed by you, simply select the corresponding “end activity” link. This will instantly log you out from that particular device.

Moreover, for precautionary measure, you can even opt to get SMS and email notifications whenever someone else attempts to sign in to your Facebook account from an unfamiliar device.

facebook-privacy1As you know that prevention is always better than cure, hence, activate these services to get rid of all your worries and secure your Facebook account from falling prey to unnecessary cyber crimes.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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