How to choose the best Smart phone?

Gone are the days when a mobile phone was only used to make a call. Today, simple mobile phones have become “smart phones”, literally “smart phones”! Specifically, a Smartphone is more like a pocket computer than a phone. In fact they use derivative components of the computer world (processor, RAM, graphics chip, etc. …), and reach a level having just awesome power. In this article we will discuss the vital points which will guide you how to choose the best Smart phone.

Smartphones are now much more than just phones. They allow you to surf the Internet , to send and receive messages , view and edit the agenda, listen music , view driving directions, install games (as realistic as those dedicated consoles), and to view photos and videos . Anyway, smartphones are now real PDAs!

best-smartphones-2012Today , Smartphones have concentrated real technology with a very good quality camera which can shoot at least 720p, having a webcam for video conferencing, a GPS receiver , a compass for localization and navigation, a smart 3G or even 4G and Wi-Fi for fast Internet connections, a large touch screen, an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, etc. A modern Smartphone combines in a single device, a PDA (personal digital assistant), a camera (digital camera), GPS (navigation, geotagging photos and video) and MP3 player.

Choosing the best smart phone:

Since all the current smart phones available in the market are capable of similar features, it is difficult to make the right decision for choosing the best Smartphone. On one hand, a very high level of integration and flexibility is achieved by all smart phones but on the other hand, since all these smartphones can do more or less the same things does not mean that they are all alike. Finally, a very important point to consider is the integration of the Smartphone with other devices: tablet, desktop, laptop, TV or Home Theater. Like computers, smartphones and tablets use an operating system, this choice must be done very carefully in order to choose the best Smartphone.

The touch screen:How-to-Choose-the-Best-Android-Smartphone-2013

Touch screen is the most prominent feature of a Smartphone. In smartphones, the screen plays a very important role. The screen directly affects the user experience on a Smartphone. Although it mainly depends on the size, it is generally between 3.5 and 5 inches. Its definition is also essential which is the number of pixels per inch that will be the main factor in the quality of the image displayed.


Real brains of a Smartphone, the processor determines both the ease of navigating the speed of execution of the different features and applications embedded in the device. Its power depends on its computational speed (in GHz) as well as the number of cores, a double heart or quad processor, by definition, more powerful and more energy efficient than single-processor heart. Smartphones also engage a race for power with dual core processors and even Quad Core 1500 MHz.

iOS (Apple):

Not having invented by the concept of a Smartphone, Apple has nevertheless re-invented its mobile operating system, iOS. This operating system is based on touch technology and, thanks to the ease of use that follows, use becomes intuitive. It is used exclusively on the Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) .The iPhone can access iTunes directly with millions of titles and the App Store, where hundreds of thousands of free and paid apps are available for download. The majority of iPhone apps also work on iPad and iPod touch, which allows taking full advantage of this OS.

The Android Operating system:Smartphones

Android OS is used in a large number of brands, including Samsung, Sony etc. It is Apple’s main competitor in the world of smartphones. Android operating system is developed by Google. This operating System is also found on a vast majority of tablets except on iPad. Android offers true freedom to customize the interface and the majority of parameters are fully accessible to the user.

BlackBerry OS (RIM):

Initially created for professional target, BlackBerry has been democratized over time to the general public prior to modernize reinventing the user experience now based on touch technology. The Canadian manufacturer is known for its secure communication services that appeal to professionals. Now, RIM seems to be bottoming out and suffers terribly from the war not only between Samsung and Apple, but also by many other affordable Android devices.

Windows Phone:

Microsoft Windows is an undisputed leader in the PC world, but it has never managed to get a nice spot in the sun mobile OS. Windows remains marginal in the mobile handset market, despite all efforts by the Redmond giant, including setting up a “store”.

How-to-Choose-the-Best-Smartphone-300x245Hence, keep in mind the above mentioned points while purchasing a new phone and you will be able to own the best smart phone available in the market!

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