How to Display Short URLs of your Web Pages on Mobile Devices?

Regardless of the brand and cost, the screens of the mobile phones are small and you can never see the complete URLs of any of the web pages you see and it becomes difficult to access those in your mobile phones. If you want to see the full URL of the page you access in your mobile browser, you can rarely see them. However, you can make the URLs appear shorter for you and they are not cut for the lack of space. The URL is shortened to suit the size of the screen and even when you want to share the web page with the short URL, the sharing service picks up the URL that is shortened. So, this helps you identify the URL of the page you access in your mobile browser. But how do you get this done? This piece of information deals with how to display short URLs of your web pages on mobile devices.

mobile-web-designManipulating the URL:

This manipulation for a URL has a simple logic behind it. You can view it from any of the mobile devices. So, the value of the screen tells you what kind of mobile device is being used to access the web browser. Based on the width of the screen of the mobile device you use, the actual URL of the site, which is long enough to be unseen is replaced with a short URL. This is made possible when you use the pushstate method of the HTML 5 History API. The advantage of using this method is that the performance of the web browser on the mobile device is not impaired. This is because only the URL that is displayed in the screen is modified and the page is not reloaded to display the short URL. You can find online the java script to implement this process.

The short URLs need a page within the domain and are to be changed for every URL it replaces. These are mandatory for safety issues. Besides, the short URLs also cannot point any other domain apart from the page domain.

business-perspective_articles_smWordPress blogs and short URLs:

The script that works for the HTML sites is not helpful to deal with the WordPress blogs. You need to find the appropriate snippet for the WordPress blogs to make the URLs short for these pages. When you paste the script on the WordPress blog, the code is modified at the required places. Again here, the performance of the web browser is not hampered because the script is loaded asynchronously. This method is supported in almost all the browsers, except for Internet Explorer.

So try this effective method and open your desired web pages from your mobile devices conveniently.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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