How to edit PDF File in iOS Device?

Searching how to edit PDF File in iOS Device? If yes, then here is an easy way out.

PDF splicer helps you not only in deleting the pages from a PDF document conveniently but also in merging many PDF documents into a single file and also in moving pages from one PDF to another by the help of copy and paste option.

Adobe-logoBesides, this app also helps in creating PDF documents from scratches by the help of several pictures present in the photo gallery. For this purpose, you simply need to copy a selected image to clipboard, then shift to the PDF Splicer and select Insert External Clipboard Image in order to place the specified image in a PDF document.

In case of a scanned PDF file which does not even have a suitable adjustment such as fax, the PDF Splicer helps in rotating the pages in any desired direction so that the developments in the image can be conveniently transported to a different PDF file.


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