How to get the classic photo viewer in Facebook?

Do you miss the classic photo viewer which was there in Facebook earlier? Recently Facebook has launched the new photo viewer which shows comments as well as ads just beside the photo in an overlying window pattern. Besides, it also fits itself the way you would like to re-size your browser window. However, if you still prefer the original version, then here is how to get the classic photo viewer in Facebook.

15-300x255Switching to the earlier design:

In the earlier version of photo viewer, the images were exhibited on a different page instead of a dark pop-up. You can switch to the previous version anytime by the help of the following steps:

  1. The first way is by refreshing the Facebook image page. This can be done by simply pressing the F5 button on your keyboard or by clicking the reload option present in the browser when the photo viewer is in running condition.
  2. The earlier photo viewer can also be obtained by going to the address bar of the web browser and removing the “&theater” string from the URL of the image and then clicking Enter.dtb-fb photo viewer
  3. Moreover, the most convenient alternative is to hold the CTRL button as you click the thumbnail of an image on Facebook. This process will open the particular image in a new tab and that too without the lightbox effect.

Hence, by employing any one of the above mentioned process, you can enjoy watching your favorite images in the classic photo viewer effectively and recollect your wonderful memories once again!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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