How to identify the font used in an image using iPhone camera?

Are you inquisitive about finding out the names of fonts that are used in web graphics, magazines or billboards on highways? If yes, then here is a simple way how to identify the font used in an image by the help of an iPhone camera.

whatthefont-20090211-1953411.First of all, you need to download the WhatTheFont App available in the iPhone store. This app can be obtained both for iPhone as well as iPod Touch.

2.Then you need to take a photograph of the magazine or the poster of which you want to know the font name by the help of your iPhone’s camera. The users of iPod touch can select an image from their various emails. Besides, you can also capture the iPhone screen and utilize that particular snap by the help of WhatTheFont app.

3.Finally, you need to validate the characters that are being utilized in the picture by the help of WhatTheFont and instantaneously, a list of font names matching that image will appear in front of you.


After that stage, a link related to that font can be emailed to a MyFonts page containing detailed info about the font or else it can also be opened in the Safari web browser which is a built-in function of the iPhone.


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